Engineered Drive Solutions for Sugar Industry

Wikov as a successor to Skoda Gear has been active in gearbox supplies for sugar mills for the last century. Our gearboxes serve in both, beet and cane sugar plants in juice production, juice purification and by-products recycling applications. The low speed, high torque gearboxes represent smart and cost effective solution while sophisticated Orbi-fleX® multi-satellite planetary gear units equipped with the flexible pin provide increased maximum torque while being compact and low weight. The modular construction of the Orbi-fleX® series enables to meet application specific requirements. Turbo gearboxes designed, manufactured and tested in-house are very cost competitive and reliable drive solutions for a steam turbine generator in sugar plants.


Bc. Serhij Jolkin

Cement and Mineral Processing,
Open Pit Mining, Sugar plants

T  +420 377 177 318
M +420 602 243 888


Gearboxes for:

Material handling

- Bevel helical gearboxes for belt conveyor drives

Milling and shredding

- Helical gearboxes of ZTE series for mills
- Planetary gearboxes for cane mills
- Planetary gearboxes for bagasse infeed conveyor

Steam turbine

- High speed gearboxes up to 60 MW
  for steam turbines
- Rotor turning gear units
- Pump drives

Sugar extract processing

- Planetary gearboxes for clarifiers,
  crystalizers and diffusers


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