Quality Management and Testing

Quality Control

  • Chemical analysis – Spectrotest
  • Mechanical properties – Tensile and Impact tests
  • Under-surface cracks detection - Ultrasonic test – Krautkammer USM 35XS
  • Surface cracks detection
  • Dimension CMM inspection – Wenzel 3020-40 a Merlin 1100
  • Teeth profile inspection – Klingelnberg P100 a P300
  • Report of heat treatment process:

- Hardness of teeth
- Effective case depth
- Microstructure of case depth

  • Post-grinding burned surface detection – Rollscan 300 


Test Rigs

  • Running test of gear units:

- temperature
- pressure
- sound level
- vibrations

  • Non-load tests
  • Load tests up to 8 MW of load
  • Cooling chamber test designated for gear units operating under extremely cold conditions
  • Rail vehicle gear units test - dynamic load is simulated during testing your gearbox


Third Party Certification

  • Inspection for acceptance of your gearboxes by third party bodies: BV, DNV, LRS, GL, ABS, KR, RMR, CCS
  • Wikov is certified according to ISO 9001:2015 by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance
    and Bureau Veritas Quality International


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