Rubber and Plastics

Engineered Drive Solutions for Rubber & Tire Industry

Wikov designs, manufactures, supplies and services a wide range of drive solutions for rubber and tire industry. We offer innovative customized, highly efficient and variable solutions to meet your specific needs. We also offer gear units for replacement projects.


Milan Jareš

Rubber & Plastics, Small hydro

T  +420 491 488 414
M +420 724 893 921

Ing. Jakub Zlesák

Rubber & Plastics, Processing Industry


Gearboxes for:

Mixing lines

  • Helical-planetary gearboxes Orbi-fleX® series for internal mixers
  • Parallel symmetrical and asymmetrical gear units for internal mixers
  • Continuous mixer gear units
  • Gear units for replacement projects

Two roll mills

  • Planetary gearboxes Orbi-fleX® series with coaxial, offset or bevel input
  • Helical and bevel-helical gear units
  • New improved design without external lubrication unit


  • Planetary gearboxes Orbi-fleX® series
  • Helical gear units

Steel Belt Cutting

  • Special helical gearboxes for cutting shears


  • Helical gearboxes with axial flange for single screw extruders

Film Stretching Line Drives

  • Special helical and bevel-helical gearboxes for Machine Direction Orienter (MDO) in BOPP lines

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