Turbo gear units
and components

Reliable drive solutions for highspeed applications

A range of ready-to-make turbo gearboxes designed primarily for power generation, oil & gas and petrochemical applications. Wikov gearboxes excel in the capacity to transmit very high powers and speeds with efficiency reaching 99,5%. This has been achieved by optimized gear design by in-house R&D team.

Main application field for our highspeed gearboxes has been the power sector that take pride in delivering power of more than 20.000 MW of installed capacity and over a 1.000 of gear units.


Marek Mančík, DiS.

Power Generation and Turbo

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  • Gas turbine drives
  • Steam turbine drives
  • Turbo blower drives
  • Turbo compressor drives
  • Pump drives
  • Fire-fighting pump drives
  • Generator drives
  • Boiler feed pumps
  • Boil-Off Gas compressors


  • RS double helical large face width
  • RU double helical narrow face width
  • PRn planetary
  • R1T single helical with one pinion
  • R2T single helical with two pinions
  • Integrally geared compressors


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