Wikov Academy

The education of our employees is one of the pillars of our company.


Taking up a new job is not easy and that’s why we want to ensure an optimal process of adaptation to a new environment and new tasks for all new employees. You can therefore expect training in the first month after starting work, thanks to which you will receive information about our company and your work.  You also have the chance to regularly meet your superior who will resolve all minor problems with you.

Adaptation is completed after three months and is evaluated with your immediate superior. Adaptation is thus loosely integrated with the performance management and employee evaluation process.


We at Wikov place great emphasis on the experience and professional knowledge of our specialists, who are one of the main pillars of our stability. With the establishment of the Wikov Academy in 2006 the education and training of Wikov employees reached a new dimension.

We currently offer systematic and thematically oriented training to our employees, from manual professions to middle management. Each employee gets the chance to meaningfully develop their knowledge and skills. In this way we create optimal conditions for future development of the Wikov group.